Thank You

Players. Whether you come to share your story at length, just for a night, you make all the time and effort worth it.

Phox, who believed in a sim enough to rebuild this play land over and over. He never gave up even when the first concept didn't take off. 

Anne, for imparting to us so much wisdom in Second Life and sharing anything she has with us. Including troves of knowledge in the real world.

Carly, who has always been there to answer all my weird questions and pass along her management experience. 

Nova, for putting in weeks of hard work to revamp the build and story, and for getting other amazing writers to spend their time in Faerendin.

Vae, for showing immeasurable patience and also providing incredible opportunities, and bringing all the shiny.

To the countless people who have contributed in even the smallest ways, we're grateful that you shared your touches in this project as well.

Thank you.


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