War. Most worlds’ destruction. The lands of Faerendin were divided by the races, equally of light and dark. Only thin treaties of trade held the balance of the world. Humans soon forgot that other creatures roamed the lands, partial to their own cities. Growing in power, the churches cried out to purify the lands of all who were non-human. The blood began to spill. For five years, the righteous hunted.  Anything deemed not worthy in the church's eyes were gathered and put to death or worse; branded and forced into cruel slavery, not even fitting for the vilest of humans. 

Word rapidly spread, ripping through the supernatural world like a forest fire blown to destroy all in its path. Those with darker intentions sought to rip apart the humans and turn the tide to their extinction, making them pay with death. The light wanted to seek peace and educate the humans. To help them learn, grow, and show that other creatures were no danger. However, the churches, fueled by greed, power and hatred, sought to expel all those against them from the world. 

Demons sensed the mortals’ intention. Knowing such hate would not bring any god’s power to the human’s aide, they waited for their moment to feed on the impending disasters. Soon the light, dark, and humans were in a war that nearly destroyed all in its path. The human race was losing. No god came to their aide. In one last attempt to end it all the High Sect of the churches gathered to pray, reading the text aloud and performing their rituals, hate and malice boiling in their souls. A burst of white light ripped through the church. Their god had finally answered them! Then light turned into a deep purple black flame and demons stepped forth. Rallied by the pure anger emanating from the High Sect they burst through the portal, ripping them apart and devouring their souls.

News spread like wild fire from the humans detailing the desecration of their church. Demons flooded out of the church, attacking and destroying the surrounding lands. The only way to survive now was for light, dark, and human alike to come together and push back. Years of war became decades of war until all sides dwindled, the world mostly destroyed. Finally, the races of the world formed a treaty, thin and barely bandaging the wounds from the war for the last 10 years. Human, light, dark, and demon move to rebuild and live in an ever delicate balance, bringing forth their skills to rebuild the lands once fallen called Faerendin. 


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