******The HUD is in near constant functional development to offer more ways to play. We try to keep this page most up to date as to features available, but always ask if you are unsure and need clarification.*****

Currently a titler, babbler, and dice roller, and XP gain through attendance on sim, events, etc.


HUD optional for anyone who isn’t a lead. The two black cats will attach the HUD, and are in the landing zone and scattered about the RP area. This means you can do your own freeform combat if you wish. However, if you want your character’s actions to be something to affect RP sim wide, you must be willing to use the HUD for those interactions. Events that gain XP will require the use of the HUD. This means combat with a lead will need to be agreed upon OOC’ly if you aren’t both using the HUD.

Babbler - Character Name Display

To use the babbler, type /2 before your speaking without an action or /2/me before an action. Your character’s name will be displayed rather than avatar name. Your character name can not be changed, but you can retire it and create the correct name if mistakes are made. We suggest doing that before gaining XP.

Titler Text

This is where you can put any information you want other players to be readily available to and see when they look at you. It is intended to be a constant visibility, and something you don't have to change often.


Status Text

This is where you can adjust things such as injuries and the like, any special but temporary effect. This is so you don't have to continually adjust your titler information every time you have an brief effect in RP.


Titler Color

The titler uses LSL values, not RGB. These can be found in the edit menu, when you create an object and change the color. Go to the texture, and in the color picker, values in the top left are RGB, LSL, and Hex. Use the first three values in the color you want to use separated by commas in the dialog box that appears when you click “Title Color”



RP Style

This will display what you want others to consider your desired type of RP.

  • Story - You like to tell a tale, and see it grow around your character, or use your character to build up other players. You aren’t very likely to seek erotic or combat RP without the story leading that way.

  • Erotic - You want to spend your time connecting to other players in a sexual fashion. Little to no story may be required to enjoy your RP so long as it’s steamy.

  • Erotic/Story - Prefer a blend of both of the above. 

  • Aggro - You like to find a reason to get rowdy and possibly start up quick combat.

  • Open Style - You are totally game for rolling along with all the punches, and RP with you can bring all aspects of story, sex, or fighting if that’s where the interaction goes.


RP Length

This shows your preferred length in roleplay, and what other players can expect at the greatest length in roleplay with you.

  • Mirror - You go with the flow of the length offered or don't mind anything from a few words to a few paragraphs.

  • Sentence - A few words to a full length sentence.

  • Semi-Para - 2-4 or so sentences.

  • Para - 4+ sentences per paragraph.

  • Para+ - Multiple paragraphs or long lengths of prose.



 Currently you can only Retire, Create, or Switch under this menu. Retire will destroy the character and any earned XP. Create will allow you start a new character, and switch will let you move through the 5 characters allowed per avatar per HUD. Each character can be in a different faction and will earn XP independently of the others. You can ignore Sheet, and Spend points in this menu.


Invitations require speaking to the leads in order to be added and have it displayed on the HUD. To leave a faction, please speak with admin to have it updated in your HUD.



 The button rolls a 1d100 dice for a purpose you specify but doesn’t target another player. This can be used for a wide variety of uses. One example is gambling, where you simply go high vs low roll.

Roll Against

This is for when you take any sort of action against another player. Also 1d100, it is used for determining if that action is a success or failure with no regard to your attack or defense stats.


**What is standard for our combat rules using the HUD can always be changed when agreed upon by all parties in the conflict. I.e. Human vs. Orc, where it is agreed the human has 2 hit point before defeat where the orc can have 3.**

Players have 3 hit points at the start of combat if not affected by any injuries regardless of species. Faction and guild leads will have 4. This may be adjusted for events. Once your health (or hit points) reaches zero, there are items in the healers guild to return your health, but if that's not somewhere your character would go, talk to Sonya or Phox.

For area of effect attacks, in one on one combat, you would try to use an area of effect attack in one turn against the other player, and succeed or fail based upon the dice rolls. For a group of combat, any area attacks will be done first via a post, where you should clearly define the attack and who of the group are the targets. Then all those named will roll against the attacker. Failure against the attacker means they are hit by the effect.

Attribute Points
The HUD we use awards both XP to gain a level, along with an attribute point each time you advance. These points can be assigned to either your attack stat or your defense stat, which will modify those rolls for you during combat (For damage rolls only). 

For example, if you have 3 points to your attack stat, your roll will be d100+3. If the player you role against has 5 points to their defense stat, their responding roll will be d100+5.

You can gain XP passively by spending time on the sim (2 XP for 2 hours each day is the maximum), or actively by attending events, both player led and static in various locations on various days. See the Event page for specific times and events. Each level progressively requires more XP to gain the next attribute point.


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