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War. Most worlds’ destruction. The lands of Faerendin were divided by the races, equally of light and dark. Only thin treaties of trade held the balance of the world. Humans soon forgot that other creatures roamed the lands, partial to their own cities. Growing in power, the churches cried out to purify the lands of all who were non-human. The blood began to spill. For five years, the righteous hunted.  Anything deemed not worthy in the church's eyes were gathered and put to death or worse; branded and forced into cruel slavery, not even fitting for the vilest of humans... 


A broken city rebuilds...

Why will your character find their way to Faerendin? Did the chaos of the war attract them...or perhaps they have come for vengeance against those who have wronged them. Did they fight in the war, or hide away until the smoke cleared to see what treasures were revealed?


Ten years have passed since the last battle was ended. Tensions can run high, the armistice is thinly veiled, and the common people simply want their world to be at least a shadow of what was once known, before the righteous were culled. Strides have been taken to use the new technology and make the city even more grand, yet there are always eyes watching, and waiting behind the innocent fronts...

Characters and Rules

Quick things to note:

High Fantasy, no race limitations, play your lore your way.

Large, laggy avatars for necessary RP okay, not full time.

No application needed to start playing, just dive in.

Medieval, Victorian, light steam punk for attire and tech.

No characters under 18 years. Furry/Anthro avatars welcome.

We don't seek to lord a lot of rules over any players, we

simply ask that all players behave as adults when writing your stories

together. If RP styles/limits etc. don't match, don't continue.

Avoid godmodding, metagaming, and powergaming.

LL TOS always apply.



Factions are a goal (not race) oriented group, and generally speaking you should align with the one that makes most sense for your character. Some may have specialized roles or jobs for your character.

Current Factions can be found in the info hub of the sim, where note cards listing the rules/goals/leads may be obtained. Open to all ideas, seeking a "good" aligned group currently.

If you are interested in a lead role, please speak to a member of the team to learn more about the opportunity.


Current Status

Sim Wide - In Character

The trade is still booming, imports and exports abound. There may be room for someone of sound mind to assist in overseeing the growth.

With the Ministry policing city streets, much of the illicit activity has been forced beyond the walls.

Out of Character Notes:

FAQ - Please start here if you have questions!

Look to the events calendar for both player lead or weekly attendance based XP opportunities, or suggest your own!
Need a job? Look to the Hiring page.

HUD/Gameplay Active - Ask if you need any help!


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