Lead Roles - Open Positions

Lead Roles


Parties interested in a lead position should speak with an admin, as all positions are NPC lead if not player lead currently.


Available Guilds


Healers (In application)

Merchant (In application)

Faction Leads

New Faction applications are open - Speak with admin as to the process.


Shops  - Brick and Mortar
(We are no longer seeking "owners" for these. Play as time allows you as workers here.)






Have an idea? Submit it at the landing zone! After 2 weeks, we can build to suit a concept. We have several buildings that could house player submitted shops. Market Stalls are open to any wanting to RP a vendor there

Always Available Positions

Brothel - Servers, Bouncers, Entertainers, Courtesans - Speak with Nova Cayne

Thief Guild - Entrepreneurs - Speak with Dib Piek 

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