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Lead Roles - Open Positions

Lead Roles


To be considered for any sort of lead role (Faction, Guild, or custom shop) is the only application needed to play. Before making an application, please consider the following.


We request focusing 10 hours per week on your group or store.

With a few exceptions, we will not approve any position without 2 weeks of that requested time, or change build/decor.

(This doesn’t have to be 10 /active/ hours of RP. Just presence to show dedication and intent.)
We request that you seek RP outside of your headquarters or shop rather than wait for RP to come to you.
Headquarters should on the large part be accessible to anyone, with rooms being more private or safeguarded when needed.


Factions and Guilds will be requested to hold an event each month.
This event can be group specific or Sim wide, and admins will help all they can to facilitate these.


Leads of Guilds and Factions may at some point be offered an admin position, though holding a lead spot is not a requirement for admin.

As admin, we expect some understanding as to how to treat players, both active, prospective, and those just passing through. Listed below so players know what to expect.


Be kind, approachable, and considerate. 

We want any avatar with questions to have them answered fully, but don’t feel as though you should have to forgo roleplay already happening to help. Lean on the team.

In RP you should be willing to include everyone as best as the situation allows. 

Always try to avoid OOC drama and rather than fuel a fire, know when stopping is most appropriate. Leadership can’t control players, just themselves, and then bring it up to other admins if problems arise.

Available Guilds

Necromancy (In application)

Law Council - Ask Admn

Adventurers (In application)

Faction Leads

New Faction applications are open!


Shops  - Brick and Mortar
(We are no longer seeking "owners" for these. Play as time allows you as workers here.)






Have an idea? Submit it at the landing zone! After 2 weeks, we can build to suit a concept.

Market Stalls are open to any wanting to RP a vendor there, and some players run shops from their home.
Stop in and say hello!

Always Available Positions

Brothel - Servers, Bouncers, Entertainers, Courtesans - Nova Cayne

Healer's Guild - Nurses, Healers - Ziva Sunfall

Thief Guild - Entrepreneurs - Dib Piek