Guilds and Factions


Each guild will have their own Mission statement they follow under. If you character breaks them, you can be kicked out. It will be up to leads to enforce the mission statements and rules, via RP.


You can be in ANY faction and still join a guild as well to continue their story, just remember you have to follow the goals of that guild as well.

Proposals for a new guild that doesn't yet exist may be submitted to admin.

Starting a Faction

1.  You can not base a faction upon racial qualities. They need to be built upon similar goals and desires that involve the whole of the Sim, so they can facilitate great RP. No OOC discrimination.

2.  To be considered for faction status, 5 members (Not alts) must be active consistently for at least 2 weeks. This doesn’t mean constant, and there’s no real requirement of time. Just notable activity. Leads will be 100% responsible for making their presence felt in the group and on Sim. If things come up in RL, all we ask is for a heads up so we know interest in the faction is still there.

3.  You must form them with the understanding that leadership can shift based on IC action. Rebellions, coupes, hostile takeovers can happen. To help this, all official (and should be only) faction groups will be founded by Sonya Iceghost, and sim admin must be added as officers in these groups. However, we know leads can put a lot of work into their role, so we will do all we can to avoid a lead shift from someone who is dedicated.

4.  While being considerate of RL, we must be willing to let a faction fade out and die if interest is lost or become something new. Stories ebb and flow, and so should the groups at play within them. If a Faction is struggling with numbers or goes more than one month without the required people we will put you on warning and eventually close it out and allow for another to take its place, but NOT BEFORE trying to help get things on track. 

5.  Each faction will be unique in their goals and what they represent, to allow people choices on where to play their character.

6.  No player is required to be a part of a faction.

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