Below is a quick guide to getting started and questions we are often asked. As always, reach out to the leadership team if something needs clarification!


If you’re here to tell great stories, keep your drama and conflict IC and character developing, we’re here to help you. This list may not be all inclusive, and the leadership team reserves the option to handle any situation as needed as it develops.


The rules are really fairly generic, mostly to avoid those three nasty RP things (Powergaming, Megagaiming, and Godmoding) and be an adult avatar. This includes animals, be an adult animal if you chose to play a beast. Please do not wear your feral avatar for sex in the sim. Don’t wear laggy large avatars just to AFK but reserve them for RP needs. 


No applications are required to jump in and RP. Character sheets are for your benefit and development but not a prerequisite for RP, and to share amongst players in the Discord channel.


HUD is optional unless you’re playing a lead role. Because of this, if you want your RP to affect the whole of the sim, we request you use it. You can wear it and still opt to freeform combat if you prefer. It has a lot of other useful functions, such as a titler, status text, and babbler. It’s meant as a tool to help develop characters and drive roleplay, and many sim wide events will use it to gain XP. For most up to date info, please see the page on HUDS for combat and HUD use and terminology definition.


Clothing has a lot of leeway, we just ask for no modern/sci fi outfits. We’re not going to nitpick your zippers and high heels, but if we can tell you’re trying to fit into the span of Medieval - to - Victorian with some light Steam Punk, you’ll be okay.




When is the Sim busy?

As of this writing, generally later in the SL day. We have a SL group and a Discord to help seek out parties interested for RP! Using the SL group to post up an in-character starter for RP is perfectly acceptable, and also helpful to drop an SLurl to help people find you.


What is the RP like?

That’s hard to define. No matter where you go, the RP is what you make it. We have people who play a few words to several paragraphs and a lot of in-between. The leadership team is always trying to start up new events and ways to grow your character(s).


Are there events in the Sim?

We have both player lead events (usually over a weekend) and static events in areas of the Sim 3 days over the weekdays where all you need to do is show up and gain extra experience. Event page for specific times of both, and always ask a team member if you need help finding where an event is being held.


Can I wear this head/body/avatar etc?

Likely yes. Anime and anthro parts are fine, just try to avoid the modern/sci fi as mentioned above. We are going to usually be fine with what you have, unless it’s seriously disruptive, and we don’t limit you to any particular brand.


Can I play a God?
No. In this alternate universe, gods are simply beings of great age and power with no specific race. These creatures are not likely to be walking the streets. No one but story progressing NPC’s should be unbeatable. Play your flaws alongside your strengths.


Can I worship a God?

Yes. You can implement whatever deity makes sense for your character, but we suggest you understand the lore and what religion means over all to the citizens of the realm along with being aware of IC consequences that may bring.


Can I fly, or be naked, or both?

Yes to both. Naked on the understanding that if you’re walking around nude, people are going to react how they chose, not how you think they should. It’s a mixed bag, so play along!


Do you have rentals?

Yes, even if a place says “locked” it is probably available. There are rules before renting, just message someone from the Leadership Team. An owner will be best able to assist you.


Will you build (this thing being asked about) or make (some area) bigger?

We are open to building to suit some areas if the player demand makes sense to develop them. Overall, until the community activity justifies expansion, areas are more likely to be improved over being rebuilt on a larger scale. There is less confusion when the RP area is all at the ground level and helps bring players together for RP on an already large build, versus spreading them out across multiple platform areas.


How does XP and levels and attribute points work?

For each level you grow in the hud, you get an attribute point. The attribute point can be various dice buffs to develop your character.. This is a roll modifier for damage (attack) rolls during combat. The flat roll and roll against do not apply the level modifier. To gain XP, you simply spend time on the sim or attend events. Some happen weekly no matter the attendance, and the groups of the sim try to hold one monthly.


Can I RP having a gun?

Technology is certainly advanced enough that flintlock and magitech firearms are possible, but extremely uncommon and are still being developed. The average citizen isn’t likely to have a firearm. Be reasonable in using them, and when it comes to Sim wide HUD combat, the dice rolls still have control of your marksmanship unless agreed upon in freeform. 


What about character deaths?

Consent is most important when it comes to this. We leave this to the discretion of the players, over all we will not enforce anything with the death or resurrection of a character.

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