This list may not account for all situations that are possible. The Leadership Team will always work to resolve any and all situations as best as possible. In all reality, what you wear or how your avatar looks is not a problem, but if it is the staff will make contact with you.


1. No avatar that looks under the age of 18 is allowed. This is an adult Sim, and we need to keep it that way. Behavior, not height/appearance alone, will help admins make calls on this. 

2. Full forms like giant dragons and what not need to be kept to a minimum for lag purposes. You can be in full form time to time if the RP calls for it but not all the time.

3. It is a fantasy sim, so please keep clothes passable for the time period as well. Loosely this is Medieval to Victorian/Light Steam Punk, just no  super modern/Scifi.

4. If you are unsure about any of this, you can speak to the Leadership Team and get a clear-cut answer. If they decide against your avatar being inappropriate for any reason, then you will be asked to change. Please respect these decisions.

5. If you are playing realistic beast (ie. wolf, bear, deer, etc.) we ask that you please do not have sex on the sim in a feral form. No bestiality will be tolerated. Communication and sentience are welcome though. Athro/beastfolk/furry forms are not considered bestiality.


1. RESPECT. Simple to the point, please be respectful of others OOC. Please respect tenants in the sky and do not pester them.  Remember to utilize the tools provided by LL  to avoid people who might abuse you in an OOC fashion using the block/report feature. Linden Lab pays a whole team of people to handle these issues, it is unreasonable to expect the leadership of the sim to do it for you outside of extreme cases.

2. Godmodding(taking control of another player’s character-assuming an action against them), Powergaming(acting invincible), and Metagaming(using info obtained OOC in an IC fashion) are pretty much make you look like a dick. 

3. Slavery and all manner of dark themes are allowed on the sim, such as torture, peril, even death. You do not have to partake in all but be respectful of those who chose to. Remember the characters are slaves ICLY do not treat them such OOC, again remain respectful.  

6. If someone has brought consequences upon themselves and you are uncomfortable with the RP, try and communicate. Try and talk in OOC if things don’t mesh, but don’t go spoiling other people’s fun or white-knighting situations that don’t need it. Above all, if something is happening in RP that you’re not comfortable around, you should leave.


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