Faerendin is a place where we hope anyone can role play the way they want, without a heavy overhead of rules and regulations that can stifle the bottomless well of creativity that is Second Life and those who imagine avatars within that virtual world. There is also structure available with events and factions, all optional to telling YOUR story.

Some people come just for the story. Some just for the smut. Many come for both, and the goal is to let these players have an environment that can cater to whatever flavor of tea that a player desires in the time they have to write. The only exceptions are under-aged players, and bestiality/erotic RP in a feral form.


Outside of those rules, we won't seek to micromanage what avatar your wear, as we leave it up to you to explain in your story why your fur is a neon color, or why you glow. The lore is quite open ended to allow you to come up with reasoning. However we also reserve the right to ask for adjusting an avatar, should it be disruptive or appear too closely to copyrighted content.


We won't try and nerf any "godlike" powers, but let players who write with you decide just how much of your abilities they want to abide by. Your origin and backstory is your own. If the character you play is a canon from a well known mythos, no other player has to write based on that lore, but can certainly chose to.

Conflict makes for good stories, and we hope that the adult writers who play can resolve their own. Often that is as easy as walking away from the RP if no in-character solution can be found. In the event you cannot, the Leadership Team can be reached from the landing zone of the Sim. They are all here to help, so ask any question you may come up with!

We set up rentals on an as needed basis, just ask an owner for the rules and where that may be possible if interested.

Sonya and Phox have owned The Phox Den for over 3 years. In August of 2019, Nova Cayne was offered an opportunity rethink the lore and portions of the build. Here she rebuilt The Lock and Key Brothel, and the sim soft opened early October. On March 1st 2020, the city of Faerendin opened up more concretely. As they neared a year after soft opening, a rebuild brought the city a new look and feel, along with a solid time period of medieval with magi-tech elements.


In August of 2020, Nova took the Lock and Key to another plane and a rebuild to a more relaxed RP environment and clear time period was planned forward. 

A Role Play HUD has been set up and has future features and functions planned, more info can be found here.


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